Text editors are an application that edits plain text only. Android devices are generally not preferred for writing, but it is always best to perform a basic text editor app on an android device than to carry a laptop on the go. If you have not found the right text editor app yet, or you don't like typing on virtual keyboards.
Text Editor App

More importantly, Text Editor App is not the same as a note-taking app or word processor. Note-taking apps have their formats; it consists of features like notebooks, reminders, etc. Word processor are full-fledged software consists of word formats and various other tools, whereas a text editor works with individual files and plain text.
Therefore, we are listing the five best Android text editors App in this article you can find as of today.

1. Monospace: monospace text editor
2. iA Writer
3. Writer Plus
4. JotterPad
5. Text Editor

1. Monospace: Monospace text editor

Monospace is one of the best text editing apps for Android devices. It has a clear interface because it only contains the most required options that you want, which increase available screen space. Designer strips remove everything that can be distracted while using the app. The only useless feature in this app is hashtag-oriented organization instead of using the standard folder system. It supports basic formatting.

Key features of Monospace.

It supports Bold, Italics, Bullet, Strikethrough, Quote
collection of size-related formatting styles.
It has built-in internal sync
it has a copy and pastes support for a vast amount of services.

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2. iA Writer

If you are a creative being, you will love iA Writer it removes distractions giving you a calm, focused, writing environment. iA Writer has a built-in file browser that enables you to search and open files on your android device easily. This app supports both Markdown and plain text editing. The best feature in this app is Focus mode to improve further concentration. It can export file in Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML formats. Through iA Writer text editor app, you can sync data with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Key Features of iA Writer.

iA Writer removes distractions.
Focus Mode improves your concentration, helps you stay in the flow.
With integrated file browse search, sort, and quickly swap between documents.
Export to WordPress or other Medium.
Night Mode to reduce strain on eyes.
You can embed links, pictures, tables, and text files.
Sync files with Dropbox and Google Drive.

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3. Writer Plus

Writer Plus is another plain text and Markdown text editor app for Android, that also works like iA Writer and Monospace. It focuses on Limited utilization of system resources to maximize battery life. It is perfect for writing notes, novel, lyrics, essay, and draft on your android devices. This app includes basic markdown formatting, folder organization, word, and character count and Undo/Redo functionality. It is excellent for less equipped Android devices.

Key Features of Writer Plus.

Limited system resource usage to reduce battery usage.
Support Markdown formatting, folder organization.
Word and character count.
Night mode to reduce eyes strain.
Supports multiple Languages.

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4. JotterPad

When you need to focus on your words, JotterPad helps the writer to stay distraction-free while writing. This application earns its place in the list of best text editor apps. It facilitates everyone who wants to write or edit text, not only creative mind users. It supports markdown formatting and exporting files to different formats. JotterPad includes Special features such as style customizations, custom fonts, typewriter scrolling, keyboard shortcuts, and phrase finding.

Key Features of JotterPad.

Advance features like syntax highlighting and English rhyme thesaurus.
Support markdown formatting and export files to other formats such as .docx and.rtf
Style customizations, phrase finding, custom fonts,
keyboard shortcuts
Sync file with cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive)

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5. Text Editor

A Text Editor is an easy and simple text editor for Android. It supports tabs, easily open, and swaps multiple documents simultaneously. It offers a feature like Style customizations, 17 colorful themes, and much more. It gives an option to open recently opened documents files for quick access. A text editor is optimized for both Smartphones and Tablets.

Key Feature of Text Editor:

Open multiple files simultaneously in different tabs.
Support bold, italics, underline, strike-through fonts.
Different styling options like font size, colour, alignment.
Multiview support for Samsung.
It has translated into 20+ languages.

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Every app in the above list has its specialties. For example, if Monospace can be admired for its simplicity and Jotterpad has a creative flair. However, all of these apps are free. have a look at your requirement and decide which one is better for you. Thus, you can download and use one of them.

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