SHAREit for Windows Free Download

SHAREit for Windows Free Download

Sharing or transferring files between two devices of different platform have always been a tough task. Indeed, you can use Bluetooth for file transfer. But it is useless to even the file size is small can take minutes or hour to transfer a file. If you want to share extensive data on different types of content such as photos, apps, music, and even videos, but you have no Internet connection. Then the time-saving way is using WiFi.

What is SHAREit?
can be used to transfer a wide range of different types of files between different operating system Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and many other types of popular platforms It does not transfer files or data using Bluetooth or general WiFi but it creates direct Wi-Fi connections. Like a small network, it creates a connection with up to five devices. It can send photos, apps, music, videos, and even other files. When it works, it is incredible.

Now we want to discuss some interesting facts about the SHAREit. Let’s get started:

Quick Transfer of Files 
As mentioned above, it is the fastest file transfer software for Windows to transfer gigabytes of files in minutes, without cables, USB drives or network charges. You can send data with speed up to 200Mbps 200 time faster than Bluetooth.the transfer speed is control by the Wi-Fi connection rather than the software itself. This means the device creates a hotspot connection to connect another device. It is significantly faster than NFC.

Cross-Platform Sharing
The core feature of SHAREit is that it's multiplatform. It is another excellent advantage of SHAREit that it does not need the same operating system to transfer files, but it only communicates with other SHAREit software or app-enabled by another device.

Type of Files Can be Sent
With the help of SHAREit, a wide range of different kind of files such as photos, apps, music and even videos can be transferred between devices in just a few seconds. More comfortable options to transfer Pictures and data also suitable for videos, but depends on how large the file it. It is also possible to share an entire folder, but it may take a little longer compared to individual files. it

Safe and Secure Sharing
If you need to share sensitive files or documents, then SHAREit allows you to share a file with security and privacy. It is very safe, and a check are made regularly to ensure that the data doesn't contain any virus.

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Language supported
are available in 39 different languages to make sure that users from all over the world can use it easily. Most popular languages among the users are English, French, German and Spanish. Other languages are Cantonese and Arabic, etc.

Remote View
It is an easy and quick tool to search PC files and folders from your phone. It allows you to display it, play it or SHAREit directly from your phone.

Powerpoint Control
During the presentation, feel free to walk around the classroom or conference room to interact with your audience. With this software on your mobile, you can control PowerPoint slides on a PC or projector without using a mouse when presenting.

Can Share all kinds of files.
Backup your data and quickly can transfer from old to a new device.
Provides excellent video player that gives you Smooth playing experience
Up to 200 x faster than Bluetooth.
Excellent speed during transfers.
Supports cross-platform transfer.
No file limit

Lack of instructions and explanation
Does not always work, have to reopen connection for new transfers

Operating System Requirements 
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

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Download Size

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SHAREit for Windows

There are many versions of Windows, such as XP, 7, 8, 10. In each version, there are changes concerning the other versions. Many users have Windows 10, other Windows 8 and Windows 7 on their PC or Laptop.

Steps To Download And Install ShareIt On Windows
If you have any questions about installing SHAREit for Windows, you can follow the steps below:
Step 1: Check which version of Windows your computer has, 32-bit or 64-bit.
Step 2: First, you need to Download it
Step 3: Locate the file in your default download folder
Step 4: Double-click the downloaded .exe file.
           exe file may be something like SHAREit-KCWEB.exe.
Step 5: Click Run in the pop-up that appears.
Step 6: Click on “Accept” on the first page of the wizard.
Step 7: Select the destination File location using the Browse button
            and then click Next.
Step 8: The installation will begin now. The process may take a while
            Once the installation is done, click on "Finish".
Now follow the instructions provided until the installation is complete.

Download SHAREit for Windows Here 

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