Best Mail App for Android

Electronic mail or e-mail is one of the oldest and highly effective forms of online communication has been circulation for more than forty years and is still widely used. You can use it for personal and also for official purpose. Although, there are dozens of third-party email apps that can provide best features than the stock email app on your android phone. Majority of these apps work with primary email providers. Some of them have only a single account on something like Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook.
Best mail app for Android

Mostly, people have different email apps from multiple email clients and want something that can aggregate it all into one spot. Here we will discuss the best mail app for android
1. BlueMail
2. Aqua Mail, Email App
3. TypeApp
4. Spark Email


When you think about the best mail app for android, any list in the other websites must have the Blue Mail. It is one of the favourite tools of Android users.
It is free, with dozens of features works with Multiple email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Outlook and other IMAP, POP3, and MS Exchange. If you want a ridiculous amount of control over email, then this email app allows you to block emails from a domain, address and even from URL suffix, etc.
BlueMail famous for detailed customization, there is no difference between BlueMail and other big-name competitors such as Outlook and Gmail, etc. the inbox layout is pretty standard. There are dozens of visual options, ranging from how to read and unread messages are differentiated. Also has colour picker for customizing theme and a default light and dark mode. Blumail have notification settings, lets you set do-not-disturb hours, set how much message content is shown.

Let’s take a look at the Main Features of BlueMail

Email In One Place
Different email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iCloud and Office 365, Hotmail, and AOL.
Sync multiple inboxes from all providers.
Support other IMAP, POP3, and MS Exchange.
Define and Share Groups to quickly send and receive emails.

Getting activities done
Mark emails to be handled later and set reminders
Mark email did get it out of the way without to delete permanently
Easily can filter emails by starred and unread.

Private and secured
BlueMail can protect and ensure all your email chat, communications, and more information with encryption.
It set a timed lock screen to protect your secret emails.

Visual Appealing
Easily recognize popular services from their logo icons
On your App icon, there is Option of Unread count.
Colour Coding for customizing theme

Enhanced Feature
Easily add your logo and configure text styles
Mobile Notification Quiet Hours, Custom Sounds, Snooze Alerts, Vibrate, and LED Light.
With Badge, Icon see newly arrived email to your inbox directly from home screen
Access your emails at a glance with scrollable and unread widgets.
Dynamic smart conversation makes email easy and convenient
Customize your email view actions and swipe menu
Easily switch between light and dark theme

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Aqua Mail, Email App

Aqua Mail is the best mail app for Android, supports and manage all major email providers such as Live, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud, and GMX, etc. And also any other services IMAP, POP3, SMTP and more. It allows you to access all your emails from one App. Aqua Mail support for push mail for many mail services. It uses (OAUTH2) more secure login method for Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.
It provides an extremely impressive User interface with a wide range of customizations options; its goal is to fulfil the need of its user and provide a platform that anyone can tailor their needs. Aqua Mail has four best and attractive themes and support for light and dark mode as well. Furthermore, you can attach a personal signature to all email accounts. It has one of the best features of backup and restores via Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box.

Let’s take a look at the Main Features of Aqua Mail.

Email In one app
Numerous email providers, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Apple, Hotmail, GMX, FastMail, AOL, and more.
Mail accounts hosted at Google Apps, Exchange Online, Office 365, Yahoo BizMail, and others.
It has self-hosted IMAP servers also for Office 365 and Exchange.
Support push mail for most services.

Private and Secured
Use OAUTH2 one of the most secure login methods for Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.
It is combined with several third-party apps providing maximum control over customization, including Executive Assistant, Enhanced SMS, Caller ID, and Cloud Print, etc.

Visual Customization
Offer four Themes with customization options to change how the app looks and operates.
Use separate signature to all email accounts.
Provide a Light and Dark theme.
Easily navigate and manage your emails with the Smart Folder feature.

Enhanced Feature
Contacts sync for Office 365 and Exchange
Calendar sync for Office 365 and Exchange, visible in Aqua mail
Support rich text editor with formatting options, styling choices, and embedding images will help to create a perfect email.
Separate network setting for Mobile data and WiFi connection, it makes sure cost-effectiveness.

Notification and Alert
Get Notifications and reply through voice input from an Android Wear smartwatch.
Home screen widgets, including message list and counter.

Backup and Restore
You can Backup and restore via serviceable cloud database OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

OS requirement
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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Email TypeApp

TypeApp is among the best mail app for Android on the list. It is a beautifully designed, appears with many useful features. It allows you to Manage all your email accounts at once! Whether it is Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Outlook or Apple, etc. It supports a wide range of email protocols and services such as IMAP, POP3 and even all Exchange protocol like ActiveSync (EAS) for Hotmail, Outlook, and Office365, etc. This App always set encryption to protect all your email communications secured.
Shared Group feature allows you to work with all your contacts work and even personal accounts, which every member can receive and send emails. Other features are push notifications, unified inbox, Contact, and Calendar Syncs. You can Customize menus with effects that really matter to you and easily configure text styles, formatting, and add a logo. With the TypeApp icon, quickly see unread emails in your inbox.

Let’s take a look at the Main Features of TypeApp

All Mails in One Email App
You can add multiple email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Outlook, or Apple, etc.
support IMAP, POP3 and Exchange protocols services like EWS & ActiveSync (EAS)

Unified Inbox
You can view and sync all email accounts from one Combined Inbox.
It configures them automatically once you sign in.

People-Centric Feature
Bringing people unitedly with people-centric features
With people switch to focus on mail from different people

Group Mail 
Make a Shared Group of your work contacts where every member can receive, view, and send mail.

Enhanced Features
Get your ActiveSync work with Calendar and Contacts Sync
With Android Wear, get emails on your wrist
support Smart Conversations
Integrated with any supported printer wirelessly
Save memory for offline use with Days to Sync feature
Unread and Scrollable Widgets

Visual Features
Customize your menus with actions
Beautiful Light and Dark Mode Themes
Supporting Color Coding for colouring different accounts
Integrated with Rich Text that can easily configure your text styles and can add the logo

Security, Private and Secured
Your data is always encrypted with industry-leading encryption.
Set a timed lock screen with lock screen and passcode to guard your secret emails.
Set SMS verification that ensures your email app is safe.

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Spark Email

Spark Email is one of the newer and best mail app for Android. It launched in early 2019, An alternative to your stock app. It does not have a ton of features. But, it seems to have the best features. It’s packed with some basic features individually sending emails later, email snoozing, reminders, pinned emails, and undo email. You can view each email together in a universal inbox. It creates secure links of conversation that you can share on Skype, Slack, and CRM only can be seen privately by your team.
You can connect and manage multiple email accounts, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, AOL, MSN, iCloud. It creates a destruction-free environment by only notifying you about emails from people that you set. Spark Email has an email cleaner that clear Inbox to zero with intelligent email prioritization, for the first time. It focuses on important email bring straight to the top of the mailbox.

Let’s take a look at the Main Features of Spark.

Control over Inbox
Intelligent noise reduction, email prioritization, and the most advanced email cleaner give you control over inbox.

Discuss Email Secretly
Invite people to discuss emails and threads privately.
Share the link on Slack, CRM, Skype so your team can see it and join the conversation.
Ask your questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the single loop.

Focus on Important Emails
Bring essential messages to the top of the mailbox with Spark mail bubbles.
Pin and reply theme

Distraction-free mail app
It can reduce the destruction by only telling you about emails from people that you know.

Email Superpowers
Using cutting-edge email tools and fly through your inbox and reach Inbox to Zero:
  • Send email later
  • Undo Send email
  • Snooze email
  • Smart search
  • Pin emails

Upcomming Features
Email templates, quick replies, delegation, services integrations, and a built-in calendar.

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