According to a survey by GoCertify, PHP is a 7th most popular programming language by PHP inc. Are you love PHP or a new PHP developer and craving about PHP development tool but don't know where to get the best PHP development tool. Do you want to be an expert in PHP development? You must know the best development tool for PHP.
PHP Development Tools

This is the right spot for you to start your programming developing. There are multiple PHP development tools, or IDEs are available in the software markets but picking the best one is a challenging task. Each IDE is with a unique function to get used by any level of an experienced PHP developer.

Development Environments

Many development environments for PHP. These include text editors, IDEs or Integrated Development Environments and hybrid environments that merge different tools and operate as one.
Well! Here we are going to discuss the top and the best PHP development tool for you as developers which make your programming much more comfortable and relaxed
  1. Eclipse
  2. NetBeans
  3. NuSphere, PhpED
  4. Zend Studio
  5. Sublime Text
  6. Aptana Studio


You may notice when you talk to the PHP developers about the top and the best tool of PHP. Most of the developers used this IDE for PHP programming. The eclipse is famous because of its flexibility. It supports cross-platform, works on OS such as Windows, Mac, and also Linux. It is the best choice for a large scale project. It is released initially on 7th Nov 2001.
Eclipse is an open source tool. It is a cross-platform tool which supports OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is an ideal choice for large-scale projects.

Key Features of Eclipse

  • According to the settings defined in the PHP Formatter, your code will be formatted automatically.
  • It provides Syntax highlighting is used to highlight keywords, variables proof commands, and many more elements.
  • It Provides Code templates that help you to reduce typing time by inserting code into the editor.
  • It gives Unit testing
  • Offers PHP Code profiling
  • Debugging
  • content assist window with a list of proposals.

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NetBeans, the most widely used IDE, is one of the best PHP development tools. This IDE is free and has all the features that the developer need. Although written in Java, it does support other languages such as PHP, HTML5, C and C++. It allows one of the best concepts of modular development.
It initially released in 1996. NetBeans is one of the best tools for php developers. One of the best things about NetBeans is that it allows the concept of modular development. Previous versions of NetBeans IDE only support java and were very slow, but now it works fast with almost many languages including PHP.

Key Features of NetBeans

  • It supports Cross-platform also supports multiple languages.
  • Lightweight software and much Faster.
  • It Supports PHP Frameworks like CakePHP, Wordpress CMS, Zend, etc.
  • It provides expert assistance for optimizing its speed and memory usage.
  • It Automatically generates getter and setter.
  • Code Compilation is very Smartly.
  • Offers PHP Code profiling
  • Support for Embedded Applications.
  • Visual debugger
  • Batch code analyzers and code converter.

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NuSphere, PhpED 

NuSphere is the fourth tool for PHP development from the above list of best tools. It is made by US-based software company that is specially designing web development tools, and PhpED is an integrated development environment for PHP, CSS, HTML, XHTML, SMARTY and many more languages, initially released on 21 July 2001. It can be used with MVC frameworks.
PhpED is the combination of a high-level code editor that supports code wrapping, folding, multiples view and an inline editor, etc. also a decent debugger, productive database client. 

Key Features of NuSphere, PhpED

  • Can Support for Remote Projects
  • Dynamic Syntax Highlighting for multiple languages.
  • Code Reindent, Templates, Completion for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Inline Syntax Error Analysis for PHP and other languages.
  • Remote and local PHP debugger.
  • On Errors and Exceptions, it automatically Triggering Debugger
  • Advanced PHP profiler.
  • Support for WordPress and Joomla CMS.
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and other embedded browsers.

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Zend Studio

When you think about the best PHP development Tools, any list in the other websites must have the Zend Studio. It is one of the favorite tools of the developers. It is developed by Zend technologies and was launched on 31st May 2016. It provides you with all the current features for the successful PHP development.
Developers love to use it because Zend Studio gives the high-speed performance, coding validation and searching the PHP Code. Zend Studio has one of the best integrations with PHP7, easy project management, and a great debugging tool.

Key features of Zend Studio

  • For PHP based programming is Very convenient IDE.
  • Easy and secure deployment to cloud-based systems.
  • Offers several code repository integrations and frameworks
  • Support for HiDPi displays.
  • Develops with user-friendly FTP/SSH integration.
  • Helps with contextual code completion
  • Support SSH as the filesystem.

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Sublime Text

When you attend any developer conferences, workshop or seminar regarding Sublime Text is the tool for PHP developers that will be in the discussion for sure. Skinner & Bond developed sublime Text and released its first version on 18th Jan 2008. It is a cross-platform editor tool with Python API considered as one of the most potent tools for coding and markup.
Sublime Text is a feature-packed and fast development editor. One of the best features is Command pallet that enables you to use all functions of the text editor through the keyboard instead of using your mouse. It provides code snippets and syntax highlighting for different languages like PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, XML, Python, LESS, C++.

Key features of Sublime Text

  • Split editing function
  • Advanced PHP profiler.
  • Code Compilation is very Smartly.
  • you can organize files and folders and within Sublime Text with Projects feature.
  • With Simultaneous edits, you may change multiple instances of code or text together.
  • It is cross-platform available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • For PHP based programming is Very convenient IDE.
  • Multi-edit function.

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Aptana Studio

If you search for useful and serviceable PHP development tools, on the top 10 search results of Google, You will find the name of Aptana Studio. It Developed by Aptana Inc. and released on 19th Nov 2014. it is an open source PHP development tool. It is a cross-platform tool available on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.
Aptana Studio is one of the best IDE for PHP development that also supports SQL and other databases. With this tool not only back-end but also you can do front-end with the support of JS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML2, CSS3, Python and Perl. It Also provides Testing feature.

Key features of Aptana Studio

  • PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS Code Assist
  • Deployment Wizard helps you to deploy your applications.
  • Advanced PHP profiler.
  • Code Compilation is very Smartly.
  • It Provides fully integrated Ruby and Rails debugger.
  • Git Integration uses an encrypted connection to transmit your data.
  • It has insides a Built-In Terminal
  • With IDE Customization Setup your development environment.

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