Educational” is a popular term used throughout the world. When it comes to mobile applications, there is a different range of software that comes under the umbrella of education. In any android app store, You can study the top educational offerings, but finding the better one and those that are not just a trend is more difficult than you think.
Best Educational App
Some educational apps Suitable for students of high school, some apps for the graduates of the college, and others still for those who give education. We have studied at helpful apps for educators and teachers, so this list is more focused on apps for students.

  1. edX - Online Courses by MIT Harvard, and more
  2. Khan Academy, Online Courses
  3. Udemy, Online Courses
  4. Quizlet, Learn Languages and Vocabulary with Flashcards
  5. Socratic - Math Answers & Homework

edX - Online Courses by MIT Harvard, and more

This app and the idea behind it to create a sharing economy that empowers anyone on the planet to gain skills for free is life changing. Especially if you are somewhere in a developing or 3rd world country, with no money to pay for a degree, this app is a gift.
edX is a doorway to the knowledge you need to enhance your eligibility, competitive level in the job market as well as to satisfy your thirst for academic gain at a time when it's not possible for you to access world-class education conventionally. At a time when a smartphone is ruling the way how people simplify their everyday affairs, this is a much-needed app which brings world-class colleges and universities to your hands.
Two thousand courses with additional subjects including law, art, history, politics, architecture, literature, philosophy, nutrition and food, wellness and health, behavioral psychology and development, digital marketing.
The best educational app on the subject. great UI, plenty of high-quality courses to choose from and closest thing one can get for free
Over 2000 online courses and to test your knowledge with quizzes and exams also can learn languages English, Chinese, Spanish, French, and also sign language. Learn courses from the universities and institution UC Berkeley,  Harvard, MIT,  Columbia,  Oxford, Microsoft, Wharton, and 100 other institutions.

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Khan Academy, Online Courses

In Khan Academy app, you can watch videos, read the transcript of those videos, read different articles related to the topics taught, and practice on multiple exercises, quizzes, and tests. All this can be found in almost every course at the Khan Academy app.
This app is a wonderful free learning tool. so many great courses to help you in school or just better your life with lots of remarkable knowledge
Thousands of articles and videos in your hand in computing, finance, history, politics, math, science, economics, government, grammar, and much more.
Exercise and questions with prompt feedback and step by step tips
Bookmarks the contents of your favorites for easy navigation.
When you are not connected to the internet, you can access your courses offline.
A fantastic and Best Educational App to be incorporated into education, providing help to those who need it, while also presenting an opportunity to enrich one's self beyond what is expected. Amazingly free and accessible. It's very educational, and the instructors are incredible at teaching, however, specific questions with the interactive boxes which open up options.
It helps you to understand the concept of what I'm learning and has a wide verity of topics. From animation to math something is exciting for everyone to learn. When you get something wrong, you can come back to the question or get help to finish it: all and all its a great app.

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Udemy, Online Courses

Udemy is one of the best educational portal app to find excellent courses on a vast array of topics and a lot of them are free, and many best selling courses are currently on sale as of now. The UI of the app can use some modern design though. Other than that, this app and the whole Udemy service is great.
It offers courses in more than  2,000 topics - from coding and data science to marketing, yoga, Photoshop, and more. New courses, on an innovative field like artificial intelligence, the blockchain,  and machine learning,  are entirely refreshed.
One of the best and fruitful platforms for business persons who want to learn with any time constraint according to their schedule. Very user-friendly and light app. the performance is excellent and have experienced zero technical glitches.
It allows you to download and access my courses anywhere, anytime. Downloaded a course at 360p and probably would've had enough space for 720 or 1080. You have pleased that you have controls on videos. You can change the quality, speed, CC and even add bookmarks to the videos. You can directly go to the courses that you have subscribed without taking much time. No adds, which keeps you calm while studying. The same video can be played on mobile and laptop with deliberately playing from the time where you stopped the video last time.

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Quizlet,  Learn Languages and Vocabulary with Flashcards

Quizlet is one of the best educational apps created with flashcards in mind and the only app for self-making cards. Simple design and amazing interface provide a much faster and convenient way to enlarge vocabulary. This app is one stop shop for remembering essential terms, concepts or information. It also is used to revise the information you already know.
It gives the option to create your own "card sets" or find premade ones by other curators. Overall this is an excellent app for students, people or teachers of all kind.

There's not a better app for studying, and it is incredibly user-friendly. Taking notes straight on Quizlet flashcards has been a game changer for you. You can study and test yourself over material for your classes anywhere. You have your phone without having to lug around your notebooks and textbooks. Note taking is faster than writing when using "suggestions" from other users. Sharing the quizlet links with classmates so they can add material is also a big bonus.
Such a best educational apps with great study resource. It will help you be prepared for your exams. You will continue to use it because it has several ways to help you study and challenge you to see how much you know the subject.
Not just flashcards it has an excellent learning system to practice your vocabulary. You are finding it a big help with doing your Maltese course. It has a few different modes. The speed matching one is quite amusing.

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Socratic, Math Answers & Homework

Take a picture of your homework math question or equation and get the answer, explanations, videos, and step-by-step help Immediately.
It gives you the answers and tells me how to solve it myself. It has several different sites just for one problem including google. Even if your picture is blurry, it still will know what it is. Just be sure to put your finger over the number of the question you're on so it doesn't think it's part of the problem.
This app will help you a lot. A smart app in a time of need, It lessens my time to browse the google. It helped me a lot in my math homework, and it shows not just the answer but the step by step process. Haven't tried yet with other subjects.
I'm terrible at math! My friend recommended this best educational app, and it's been a lifesaver! It breaks down the problems, gives you different versions, even graphs it for you!!
If you are weak in math than we recommend this best educational app, and it's been a lifesaver. It breaks down the problems, gives you different versions, even graphs it for you.

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