Modern, useful software or application for transferring or sharing files between different devices has always been a tough task for developers. Indeed, you may use Bluetooth for file transfer. But the Bluetooth speed is not near WiFi anywhere.
Bluetooth can take minutes or hour to transfer a file it is useless to even the file size is small. Also, the apps that use WiFi connection implement useful algorithms to ensure that files do not get corrupt. If you want to share large data, then the time-saving way is using WiFi.
Best App for Sharing

We have studied some helpful apps for sharing files, so this list is more focused on some features of apps(speed, limitation, cross-platform, etc.) for the user.

  1. Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing
  2. XenderShare Music and Transfer Files
  3. SHAREit Transfer & Share
  4. Mi Drop, Share Music & Transfer Files 
  5. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
  6. XShare, Fast File Transfer

Zapya, File Transfer, Sharing

If you Need to share or transfer an audio, video, pictures or other files but you have no Internet connection. Don't worry! Zapya enables you to transfer files from one device to another such as Android phones, iPhones, and PC without having to use mobile data or Wi-Fi. Zapya is the Best App for Sharing easy to use, and there is no cost for the user, it also supports about 20 languages such as English (Default),  Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional),  Italian, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Korean, and Portuguese, etc.
File transferring has never been easier. Zapya let you chat and share media files with nearby friends without using the mobile data or Wi-Fi. The unusual feature is QR codes to connect devices and transfer or share files. It makes life so much easier.

Key Features of Zapya

  • Backup your data and easily can transfer from old to a new device.
  • Chat with nearby friends without using mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • Connect devices with QR codes and easily share files.
  • With Zapya Backup files to your PC or Mac.
  • Can use your Phone as a  mouse wirelessly, at the time of presentation (PPT, etc.).

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XenderShare Music and Transfer Files

XenderShare is one of the best apps for sharing and transfer files with flash speed can reach about 40Mb/s. Without any restrictions, It Shares all types of files from documents, videos music, pictures, to applications without using mobile data or Wi-Fi to friends anywhere and anytime. Share your files without size limitation.
XenderShare Supports cross-platform transfer. You can easily connect with phones & tablets & PC/Mac and each operating system like Android, iOS and Windows. It allows you to view, copy, move or delete files you received and also can make a backup of your data.
Friendly designed Meet the users needs: like an opening, deleting, viewing, installing, uninstalling, etc.
One of the best features is the slide sharing of photos smoothly share photos with your friends by sliding.
Languages support: English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) Greek, Hungarian,  Japanese, Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

Key Features of XenderShare 

  • Share your file without any network restriction
  • XenderShare Supports cross-platform transfer
  • Play all type of music and videos
  • Support about 22 languages
  • Copy, move, delete, or view file.

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SHAREit Transfer & Share

SHAREit, one among the best sharing app with fast, cross-platform transfer rate, It transfer without any restriction like apps, games, videos, photo, etc. from one mobile to another mobile or amongst various O.S. in few seconds. And free online feeds including videos, music, Pictures, and GIFs, etc. SHAREit also added a The perfect video player, which helps you manage and enjoy your videos, the music player has all the qualities you need, and the image viewer is good plus other additional qualities.
It is good enough. This app is the revolutionary sharing medium through Android in the present time. Its offline video feature is also helpful to kill the boredom on trips and even New features are merely made to provide people with easy access to rich online resources.

Key Features of  SHAREit 

  • Allows cross-platform file sharing
  • HD and Selective, Offline watching videos.
  • Provides excellent video player that gives you Smooth playing experience
  • Wallpapers, Stickers, and GIFs.

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Mi Drop, Share Music & Transfer Files 

Mi Drop is one among the Best app file transfer or sharing app for Android. It is Reliable. Intuitive. Fast and easy to use. Becomes even better with each update, whether it involves features, looks or speed. It's worth a try for most people. It's ad-free that's the key point of this app, small No extra permission needed.
This app is the best for android in the world because it works in 18 MB per second. The transfer of data, any music or any set of instructions is done quickly. In Mi Drop, if you open it click send or receive button. Add select folder and send feature instead of marking all. Mi Drop arranged files into categories(e.g., Apps, Music,  Images), which makes the data quickly to find and share.
With decent SMS backup software, it will even copy SMS messages between different phones and numbers, all without the need for data time. If you need to transfer data between an Android device or other, do yourself a favor and pick this up.

Key Features of Mi Drop

  • 200 times faster than Bluetooth it shares files very fast,
  • you can resume interrupted transfers.
  • It is an ad-free tool of the file transfer.
  • Can share unlimited file size of photos, videos, apps, music, documents, etc.
  • Support languages:  English, Español, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese,  Português etc.

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Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere is an Easy, fast, and unlimited file sharing app. You can Transfer and share any file type including videos, music, Pictures, and GIFs, etc. without changing the original file anytime anywhere. With WiFi direct, it transfers files without having to use mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. You can share files with multi-people via a link at once.
Also allows you to transfer large files if you didn't have mobile data or you have not connected to the internet.
Send Anywhere is Best App for Sharing gives only a link to share to transfer the file with another device, With QR scan it enables you to connect or enter a 6-digit key to receive. Additionally, It has a cloud storage service where you can move and save your files. If uploaded once, then you can share those uploaded files with any device.

Key Features of Send Anywhere 

  • Send Anywhere is cross-platform
  • for a secure file transfer, it needs a one-time 6-digit key
  • It uses Wi-Fi Direct for file transfer
  • Through a link Share files to multi-people at once
  • Reinforced file encryption (256-bit)
  • QR scan is included
  • No file limit

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XShare, Fast File Transfer

XShare is the best app for sharing. Let you transfer things from one device to another other than contacts, photos, and music. XShare will not use your mobile data or wifi; it can transfer without internet because it can produce its wifi. This app is the first one we have found that enables you to copy files from your entire phone. It's easy and fast, very well professional.
Sending files just became even more comfortable and sending files instantly at the scan of a QR code. Awesome Let us have a feature of migrating from one device to another (SMS, call logs, contacts, music, apps, and pictures to be transferable at the click of a button) Amazing App exactly does for what it is designed.

Key Features of XShare

  • Share your file without any network restriction.
  • Fastest sharing app( 200 times faster than Bluetooth).
  • The fast matching QR code makes simple sharing.
  • Quick to install without any permission needed.

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