It is a better idea to have a dictionary on your phone. It helps you to improve your vocabulary, and it gives you an immediate source.  The online dictionaries spread across the world of technology. best Dictionary app is a handy software.
Best Android Dictionary
Many of them have unique features such as New Vocabulary Building Quizzes, word of the day that helps you to improve your vocabulary, voice search, Audio Pronunciations and keep your history. It is better when you handily have them on your android device.
With the massive number of applications available in android app stores, sometimes it can be challenging to decide which dictionary app will be the most helpful.
Here we are of best android dictionaries.
  1. Dictionary Merriam-Webster
  2. English Dictionary - Offline
  3. Dictionary - WordWeb
  4. U-Dictionary
  5. Dictionary by Farlex
  6. Oxford Dictionary

Dictionary Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster is the most useful and best android dictionary, make it perfect for your Android device. This dictionary is one of the best android dictionary apps for English language reference, vocabulary building, and education.
New word games added to this dictionary. It is not more fun to learn new words/vocabulary and test your vocabulary. No internet connection is needed for this dictionary to view definition and thesaurus.

Key Features of  Merriam-Webster

  • New Vocabulary-Building Quizzes
  • Voice Search
  • Word of the Day
  • Integrated Thesaurus( synonyms & antonyms )
  • Example Sentences (how a word used in a sentence)
  • Quick Definitions
  •  real voiced by English speakers, not text-to-speech robots
  • Favorite Words and keep Search History
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English Dictionary - Offline

English Dictionary is one of the best and free android dictionary apps. Which explain the meaning of words and define by English Wiktionary. Quick search, Easy and functional user interface, make perfect for android tablets.
It works without connecting to the internet and does not require any additional file to download. You can manage your notes, bookmarks, and it keeps searches history.

Key Features of  English Dictionary - Offline

  • 306000 English definitions
  • Save your notes, bookmarks,  and search history are manageable
  • Share your favourite word definition using Gmail and WhatsApp etc
  • Compatible with FBReader, Moon+ Reader and other apps through share button.
  • Backup&restore function for your bookmarks and personal notes on local memory,  Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box clouds 
  • white and black theme
  • text to speech option with American and British accent
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Dictionary - WordWeb

Dictionary WordWeb is a free, fast, user-friendly and offline best English dictionary app and thesaurus with related words, synonyms, and high search. Text to speech Pronunciations is available with an extra audio edition app. it suggests possible correct spellings of a word that you type with intelligent and also listening words that sound correct or confused.
Dictionary WordWeb Best Android Dictionary is also a feature of Alphabetical listing and Spelling suggestions. And Clarify search results by noun, verb, adverbs, adjective. It is an offline dictionary application.

Key Features of Dictionary - WordWeb

  • Support American, Australian, British, and international English
  • It includes words, phrases and derived forms, sense definitions, usage examples, text pronunciations
  • Clarify search results by noun, verb, adverbs, adjective
  • Alphabetical listing and spelling suggestions.
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U-Dictionary: Translate and Learn English

U-Dictionary is free and Best Android Dictionary furnished with English articles, quizzes, and games to help you improve your English level. It is very helpful that transcribe any words. It is useful in learning more about 108 foreign languages. The most authoritative English dictionary and a translator app.

Key features of  U-Dictionary

  • Provide text, camera snap, and copy the translation function.
  • Show a word that you choose on the lock screen.
  • Quick translation in the notification bar without opening this app
  • Learn the new word with the word of the day to improve your vocabulary.
  • It has synonyms and spelling game. It recognizes and displays 12 languages.
  • Offer Free package for 44 languages and English sentences, synonyms, antonyms, phrases.
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Dictionary by Farlex

This Dictionary is the best android dictionary app, which is essential for understanding word concepts as opposed to simple translation dictionaries. It enables you to bookmark words, provides example sentences, acts as a thesaurus, and much more! I have some more exploring to do with this app, but wow it's impressive.
It's very Best Android Dictionary and informative and has explanations along with various ways to show the full description of whatever word or abbreviation you may be researching. It is indeed the world's most comprehensive android dictionary. It has the feature of Word of the day But if you want to turn off word of the day so you can turn off the Word of the Day notification by clicking on "12:00 pm" on the Word of the Day box on the app's homepage.
Undescribably awesome. Find out the heritage of words, read daily historical reports. Participate in daily quizzes! The only app one man and one woman must and ought to have on an Android smartphone, tablet.

 Key Features of  Dictionary by Farlex

  • Word of the Day, an idiom of the Day and also other daily contents
  • Audio pronunciations, Etymologies, and Example sentences
  • Multiple specialty dictionaries and encyclopedias: Legal, Financial, Medical, Science.
  • Play fun word games: Hangman, Spelling Bee, Match Up, etc.
  • Translate English into  French, Spanish, and 40+ languages.
  • You can access dictionaries in 13 other languages: Spanish, German, 
  • French, Portuguese, Italian, etc.
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Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary based on the original title and indication by Oxford University Press is an application for android mobile and internationally accepted as one of the leading experts in the study of English with 150 years of research behind it.
Oxford Dictionary is an innovative idea for new learners and as well as students, a teacher and the co-corporate workers who deal with many modern English words day to day.
This seems to be the best of the Oxford dictionary apps so far for a word enthusiast. The best part is the OCR function of using physical books. It is a handy and essential app. It helps us to build our vocabulary power. Its explanation consists of easy vocabulary. Therefore, you can understand new vocabulary easy. So, I will suggest that everybody should download this app. And the best thing is that it has a word of the day. It should also contain synonyms, antonyms, etc.
With many ways, it helps with word usage, pronunciation, and literacy.

Key Features of the Oxford Dictionary

  • Camera search: capture words by camera viewfinder, and it will displays results quickly.
  • Use voice search if you do not know how a word is spelled
  • With a single tap, it Translates entries in other applications.
  • Share your word through other installed apps.
  • Search autocomplete.
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