While you are at the office, at home or on your laptop, protecting your internet connection is very important.
But why you secure only one section of internet use?
If you are using an Android device, you might be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) at any time you are connected to the internet.
Here we discuss why using VPN is a great idea, then we explained the best VPNs for Android device. We will to our VPN collection, then give our suggestions.
Why you need a VPN?
Browsing the Internet or transaction on an unsecured Wi-Fi network means, that you could be showing your secret information and surfing habits. That's why a VPN, is a requirement for anyone troubled about online privacy and security.
Think over all the times you have been on the browsing, reading emails while checking your bank account while waiting at the doctor's clinic or office.
The anonymity and encryption that a VPN gives help to guard your online activities: paying bills, shopping online, or sending emails. VPNs also help protect your internet browsing secret.
Why use a VPN for an android device?
A VPN gives you online privacy by creating from public internet connection a private network.
As you send the internet traffic from your office or home PC, or the traffic you send from Android device should be secured. A VPN gives security and protection.
Top VPN for Android

Without further delay, here are we discussing top VPN for Android phone according to our analysis – speed, usability, and price, customer ranking on Google Play and logging policy.

Here we are discussing the following Top VPN for Android
  1. ExpressVPN – Fast, Premium VPN
  2. NordVPN: Private Wi-Fi & Security
  3. CyberGhost VPN - Fast & Secure
  4. Private Internet Access
  5. TunnelBear VPN- Best Rating on Play Store, But Limited
  6. IPVanish- Fastest Android VPN
  7. VyprVPN - Fast, Secure & Unlimited VPN 
  8. Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser
  9. Hideman VPN
  10. SurfEasy Secure Android VPN

ExpressVPN, Fast, Premium VPN

ExpressVPN review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.1/5.0
  • Speed: 83.00 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan): $8.32/month (money back guarantee)
  • Netflix: allowed
  • Torrenting: working
ExpressVPN is top VPN for android extraordinarily user-friendly and straightforward. It is one of the most trusted and secure brands in the VPNs industry. It is a speedy VPN proxy service developed to secure your privacy and security. With a few covers, you can browse the secure internet with anonymously.
ExpressVPN Boasting an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption gets this, unlimited bandwidth. It has servers in about 94 countries (including UK, US, Germany, Canada, and others) in over 148 locations around the world.

Why select ExpressVPN?
  • 24/7 customer help through live chat
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries
  • Simple to use
  • Application for every android device
  • Speed-optimized network
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • best class encryption
  • Based on the BVI

  • Click to Download ExpressVPN Here

NordVPN: Private Wi-Fi & Security 

NordVPN: Private Wi-Fi & Security review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.3/5.0
  • Speed: 74.15 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan):  $6.99/ month (money back guarantee)
  • Netflix: Allowed
  • Torrenting:  Working
NordVPN is one of the top VPN for Android and security app. Whether you are searching for a protected connection on public Wi-Fi or a high-speed VPN service for streaming, you can receive it all with just a few covers.
NordVPN has some outstanding capabilities including ‘Double VPN' technology which transfers your connection through two separate VPN servers, as opposed to just the one, for an extra layer of security. Also provide Military-grade encryption protocols (OpenVPN, Ikev2 / IPsec).
Get free 7-day access to unlimited VPN service benefits with any subscription plan. We also prefer that they offer 7-day access to unlimited VPN service so you can check out to see if you like it. You can cancel the free trial if you don't like it.

Why select NordVPN?
  • 5154 VPN server locations worldwide
  • A total of can connect at one time
  • No logs policy
  • Application for every android device
  • Friendly 24/7 customer support
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

  • Click to Download NordVPN Here 

CyberGhost VPN - Fast & Secure

CyberGhost android VPN review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.3/5.0
  • Speed: 51.10 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan):  $5.25/month (45-day money back guarantee)
  • Netflix: Working
  • Torrenting: Allowed
CyberGhost makes an outstanding VPN for your Android phones. If you are not concerned about a bit slower speeds than NordVPN or ExpressVPN, it's downloadable.
They also use standard protocol (OpenVPN) as well as 256-bit AES encryption.
After this, this application has everything you would assume from a top VPN for Android apps.

Why select CyberGhost?
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • High speed, Unlimited bandwidth, and traffic
  • 3000 VPN server locations worldwide
  • DNS and IP Leak Protection
  • Can Connect 7 devices at one time
  • No Logs Policy
  • Friendly customer support: chat or email
  • 45-day money back guarantee

  • Click to Download CyberGhost Here 

Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.0/5.0
  • Speed: 81.46 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan): $2.91/month (money back guarantee)
  • Netflix: Not working
  • Torrenting: Allowed
Browse secretly on the web. Keep yourself anonymous and safe on public Wi-Fi. Protect your IP address and encrypt your traffic to connect to blocked application and websites with best VPN for Android. Content for PIA users is unique and allows them to encrypt their network traffic, change their IP address, and attach them to block websites and applications.
Guard your privacy with PIA®, the world's top VPN for  Android mobile and also for tablet users.

Why chose Private Internet Access?
  • 3160 VPN server locations in 33 countries
  • No Traffic or Request logs  
  • Can Connect 6 devices simultaneously
  • US-based corporation  
  • Gigabit VPN port speeds  
  • VPN service experts
  • SOCKS5 Proxy are Included
  • PPTP, OpenVPN & IPSec/L2TP  
  • Offers premium VPN Bandwidth  
  • Also gives unmetered VPN Transfer  
  • Compatible with DD-WRT VPN 

  • Click to Download Private Internet Access Here 

TunnelBear VPN, Best Rating on Play Store

TunnelBear for android review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.4/5.0
  • Speed: 54 Mbps out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan): $5.0/month (money back guarantee)
  • Netflix: Not working
  • Torrenting: No info
TunnelBear VPN gives limited free access, securely accessible to browse the Internet or other block websites. This application protects online privacy, allows you to access your desired apps and websites, and saves your connection to the public Wi-Fi hotspots.
The TunnelBear VPN provides monthly 500MB browsing data. No requirement of the credit card. Available at In-app purchases for a premium offer, which offer unlimited data to you.

Why chose TunnelBear VPN?
  • TunnelBear keeps your data secure 24/7
  • VPN server locations in 33 countries.
  • Can Connect 5 devices simultaneously.
  • TunnelBear uses robust AES 256-bit encryption.
  • No Logging privacy

  • Click to Download TunnelBear Here

IPVanish, Fastest Android VPN

IPVanish- Fastest Android VPN review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 3.5/5.0
  • Speed: 81.46 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan): $6.49/month (7 days back guarantee)
  • Netflix: No info
  • Torrenting: Allowed
IPVanish is the only true-layer VPN service. That means it provides the best VPN speed, the more reliable connection, and the most affordable prices anywhere. Giving you the ability to browse anonymously and get unlimited internet access to every corner of the world.

Why chose IPVanish?
  • 1100+ VPN server locations in 60+ countries
  • No Request logs  
  • Can Connect 10 devices simultaneously
  • 256-bit AES encryption   
  • SOCKS5 Proxy Included  
  • KEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols  
  • 24/7 customer care support 
  • Unmetered VPN Transfer  
  • DD-WRT VPN Compatible  
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

  • Click to Download IPVanish Here

VyprVPN,  Fast, Secure & Unlimited VPN


VyprVPN review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.2/5.0
  • Speed: 81.46 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan): $6.49/month (7 days back guarantee)
  • Netflix: No info
  • Torrenting: Allowed
Save your Internet connection to mobile devices with VyprVPN for Android. This application offers a variety of user-friendly settings, automatic features, make sure that your link remains secretive. It provides a safe VPN for Android, so with it, you can protect your privacy online on all android devices. Also, Improve Streaming Access and Speed.

Why chose VyprVPN?
  • 700+ servers in 70+ global locations
  • 200,000 plus IP addresses
  • Provide unlimited server switching
  • 24/7 customer care support team for live chat
  • OpenVPN 256-bit encryption protocol
  • No download caps or Zero restrictions, 
  • connect with one click and can select a server
  • Thousands of positive reviews

  • Click to Download VyprVPN Here

Betternet Hotspot VPN and Private Browser

Betternet Hotspot review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.5/5.0
  • Speed: 48.20 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan): $2.99 /month
  • Netflix: No info
  • Torrenting: Allowed
Betternet Hotspot VPN is top VPN for Android very user-friendly and straightforward Also, Improve Streaming Access and Speed. It is a free and unlimited VPN proxy for Android Phones. You can unblock any website or application using Betternet VPN. Your IP and location will be hidden, and your activities can't be traced on the Internet using a VPN.
You will also get a free 7-day trial of Premium Edition (you have to sign up for a trial to use the android version).

Why chose Betternet Hotspot VPN?
  • Also Free version.
  • No registration for a free version.
  • No data limits.
  • 256-bit AES encryption over the OpenVPN protocol.
  • 128-bit encryption over IPSec.
  • No live chat option.

  • Click to Download Betternet Hotspot VPN Here

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.1/5.0
  • Speed: 48.20 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan): $2.07/month (money back guarantee)
  • Netflix: No info
  • Torrenting: Allowed
Personal data is protected from interference by secure encryption. It hides your actual IP address. You can access any blocked app, websites, games, and services without restrictions. Also, you can download torrents without restrictions. You can access .onion and .i2p resources.

Why chose Hideman VPN?
  • VPN server locations in 20 countries
  • No Traffic or Request logs  
  • 7 hours of free trial access for new users.
  • 1 hour each day.
  • P2P support
  • Can connect 4 devices simultaneously
  • money back guarantee
  • no live chat option

  • Click to Download Hideman VPN Here

SurfEasy Android VPN

SurfEasy Secure Android VPN review

  • Users Rating (Play Store): 4.5/5.0
  • Speed: 55.28 out of 100 Mbps
  • Price (year plan): $6.49 /month (money back guarantee)
  • Netflix: working
  • Torrenting: Allowed
SurfEasy is also one of the top VPN for Android phones. Whether you have an Android device, you most likely use it for online banking, online shopping, and social media, etc. But do you know what happens to your information when they get their hands on it?
SurfEasy encrypts all the traffic that you send from your Android phone must be protected your online privacy and security. It uses bank-grade encryption to ensure that the highest-quality technology protects your information.
Protect your Android device and browse on your phone quickly and without restrictions! SurfEasy VPN is also fit with iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Why chose SurfEasy VPN?
  • 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • 1000+ VPN server locations in 16 (Total) / 28 (Ultra) countries.
  • P2P allowed.
  • You can use on 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Friendly customer help through email/chat/phone.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • No logs policy.

  • Click to Download SurfEasy VPN Here

Why don't we Suggest free VPNs (Virtual Private Network) for Android phones?
Many people know that they should be using a VPN. But less are ready to pay for VPN. Hence numerous people are searching for the best free Android VPN. As you know above, we do not advise any free Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Why do we not suggest? 
First, they are not very safe. Paid VPN companies are not likely to prioritize their free users' traffic, and you will get poor service if you do not pay for it. Free VPNs come with agreements that's why we do not recommend. Another issue is speed.  Free Android VPN speeds are not able to compare with paid VPN. You will get speedier, more steady connections with the paid VPN, and it's too much.
Second, Free VPN providers still have to earn money. If they don't get this from you, then they take it from the advertiser. Free VPN providers are possible to log-in to your data, they can sell your information to advertiser companies, and advertisements appear when you are connected. As long as your data have sold is a breach of your privacy.
Because your privacy is an essential and fundamental factor of any VPN, so it is terrible news.
Each of these problems, we advise that you use paid VPNs for Android devices. You will get a high-speed, secure, more steady service, and your data and information will be safe. With many VPNs cost, you can take these things.
What We Inspect for Android in VPNs, So what makes it a good VPN?
  • Mostly, many factors that make any VPN high-grade. 
  • High speeds. 
  • no login or minimal logging 
  • Reliable encryption for privacy and security.
  • Easy to use, straightforward applications are also a big plus
  • app reviews in the Google Play Store
  • We look at the price.