Screen mirroring enables you to share your mobile device's screen with your computer or another big screen. Using screen mirroring Application you can access your videos, photos, games,  and other application on a big display of the computer. Also can easily access your files and other data of your Android device without the transfer of files. If you want to mirror your android phone or tablet on your PC, then you must have to know the best android mirror apps. It will help you to mirror or your screen and access data easily.
Best Android Mirror App
Here are we discussing best android mirror app according to our analysis – speed, and usability.
  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop
  2. Chrome Remote Desktop
  3. ApowerMirror
  4. AirServer Connect
  5. Google Home
  6. Samsung Smart View
  7. Mirroring Assist
  8. TeamViewer
  9. VNC Viewer
  10. AnyDesk

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop app is the RDP protocol created by Microsoft, which gives an ability to the user to connect to another computer over a network connection. Use this app to access your PC or Laptop remotely.

Key Features of  Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • It Secures your connection to data and other applications
  • Easy to manage your  user accounts, connections, gateways
  • Audio and video streaming with High-quality

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Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop application is the RDP protocol developed by Google that presents a user with a graphical interface to connect to the computer over a network connection — also managing multiple machines. While accessing your PC and sharing with family's member or friends, this is a great tool to use.

Key Features of  Chrome Remote Desktop

  • protected by a unique PIN, dependent on an access code.
  • It is free like other remote desktop applications.
  • Quickly to set up 


ApowerMirror is one of the best and secure apps that is used to mirror an Android device screen to a computer or laptop. Super efficient and lets you use the android phone from a computer and streaming of videos is a breeze? Compatible with both Mac and Windows system. And it controls android device with mouse and keyboard — two methods to connect it such as WiFi and USB cable.

Key Features of  ApowerMirror

  • You can get full control of an android phone with a keyboard and mouse.
  • It allows you to capture all the action as a record.
  • You can send SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and also other messages with a keyboard.
  • notification will be shown on your PC screen 
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AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect is the best app for screen mirroring that allows you to discover and mirror your android screen across a big display of a computer. AirServer only enables your computer to receive AirPlay signals from your Android device. It cannot create a mirror image of your desktop or send a signal to other devices.?

Key Features of  AirServer Connect

  • Airsever is very simple and easy to use
  • The quality of the picture is an excellent
  • built-in QR code scanner to enable the connectivity server.
  • At the same time can connect to multiple Airplay receiver.

Google Home

Google Home is also one of the best android mirroring app that enables you to control your Chromecast from your Android devices easily.  You can easily play, pause stop and can change the volume of the music player. Along with the video, you can also get access to audio. It enables you to control Google home settings and even Chromecast settings such as device name, change volume, and others.
You can take control of other connected home products like Cameras, Lights and more all from google home app.

Key Features of  Google Home

  • Easy to use 
  • with just one tap it controls all your home devices
  • It is easy to use and free app for all Android and iOS users.
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                                              SHAREit for Windows free Download         

Samsung Smart View

Samsung smart view enables you to view your mobile screen on Big screen also controls with mobile as a remote. With the Samsung Smart View application; you have specific Smart Hub experience on your android devices with all the advantages of touch. You should allow you to view your whole tablet on your TV screen and full content excellent. This is one of the best apps to stream Samsung smart TVs. Download any movie or watch any video on your mobile & see it on the big screen of your PC.

Key Features of  Samsung Smart View

  • Have a game controller
  • Can access your favorite application without any interrupt
  • Direct link to your to your data and files.
  • For the tablet models navigation is not supported.

Mirroring360 basic

Mirroring360 is an excellent app for screen mirroring. This app helps to mirror the screen of all lower android smartphones. If your Android device not supported cast screen then use this app, It casts without any lag. It needs a simple way to mirror your Android phone display on a dumb monitor and chose to use this. You can present your presentation on Windows, Mac. Also can show your media files on a big screen.
Mirroring360 is the only application that project apps and games the same as you see them on the Android display. Due to system limitation, system audio capture is only available on a rooted device.

Key Features of  Mirroring360 basic

  • Up to 40 participants you can cast your Windows computer screen
  • Mirror any device to the computer
  • It works well.
  • Faster than other apps Simple one-touch solution.


TeamViewer for remote control support server for remotely accessing MAC and Windows computers. it works on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, etc
TeamViewer is such great software for those who need remote connections as well as the online meeting with many people on a screen. This application Easy to handle where you have allowed to work with your clients from any place and at any time that the clients need you.

Key Features of Teamviewer

  • Can take full control of another device
  • Sharing screen. 
  • allow sharing the file in both side
  • Offer chat feature
  • In real-time video and sound transmission.
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VNC Viewer remote desktop

VNC Viewer is another best android mirror app that enables you to share your mobile device's screen with your windows computer, Mac or Linux system from anywhere at any time. You can access your data anytime across the world and take full control of keyboard and mouse.
VNC Viewer is password protected app provides end to end encryptions for securing your data transfer from unauthorized access.

Key Features of VNC Viewer Remote Desktop

  • Sync and backup your connection between your devices by logging to VNC Viewer account.
  • Offer Free, Paid and trial version.


This application is easy to set up for remote desktop. With AnyDesk you can connect to a PC or Mac remotely from your desk, your home office or nearest room. AnyDesk assures reliable and secures remote desktop connections for IT experts and on-the-go individuals alike.No installation, no registration, or administrative rights is required. Just download, launch, and you can go.
Communicate and collaborate with ease, whether you are handling online meetings and presentations or working on the same document with others.

Key Features of 

  • From unauthorized access, It Protects your computer with Banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology.
  • To transfer files between computers, only copy and paste or use the new transfer tab.
  • Free for personal use
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