At some time you want to keep your screenshot while working on Laptop, computer, and Mac. It depends on your OS.

What is a Screenshot?

The screenshot is a term used to capture an image of action on your desktop. Or make a photo of your computer desktop.
Software for Screenshot

How do I take a screenshot using Windows?

  1. Click on windows that you want to capture.
  2. Press Ctrl+PrtSc button. ( the image save to your clipboard)
  3. Open Paint.
  4. Paste the image or Press Ctrl+V.
  5. Save it to your desired folder.
But this method is one of the long ways which waste your time. We provide you with the best software for a screenshot.

Lightshot (best screenshot tool)

Lightshot is the best software for the screenshot. It takes the fastest customizable screenshot. It is very simple and easy to use.

Software for Screenshot

Key Features of Lightshot 

Fast Screenshot of Selected Area
Lightshot enable you to take a screenshot of the selected area on your desktop with two buttons
Easy to Use Software
With a friendly user interface, it simplifies and fasts the using of Lightshot.
Best Editor
While taking a screenshot, you can edit it with its Powerful editor online.
It offers to save your screenshot to cloud storage and get a link. Also, you can share a screenshot on a social media platform.
Image Format
Lightshot enables you to save a photo in a different format like PNG, BMP, and JPEG etc.
Image Search Feature
It offers to search for a similar image on both Google and Tineye.
It developed for both Windows and Mac operating system. Also for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera etc.

Click to Download Software For Screenshot Here 

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