Best presentation software free

Best presentation software free

Microsoft PowerPoint is not the only way to get your slides. There is a lot of presentation tool for free, that will help you to create a beautiful and remarkable slideshow and are easy to learn and straightforward to use.
What we look at Best Presentation Software?
Here are some features to look for while selecting a presentation software:
  • Ease to use
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Import and export features
  • Cloud access and storage
  • capable of Audio/video

WPS PRESENTATION, Best Alternative to PowerPoint

Every day, numerous people look for alternative software to PowerPoint for presentation. If you want to see and create PowerPoint files, you can use WPS offers free alternative software to make excellent offers for free.

Key Features of  WPS Presentation

Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
WPS Presentations supports both PPT and PPTX files; This means that you could open and modify PPT or PPTX files from others, and then can correctly save them from the WPS office, and be able to open them without any problems without knowing others.
Common Formatting Tools
WPS presentation is a global standard for presentations and comes with all the useful tools required to design amazing presentations. That includes everything from font size, font styles and colours, shapes, support for tables, column, rows and much more.
Advanced Animation
More high-level animation and slide transitions, you can add almost any type of multimedia file to your presentation including images, audio, videos etc.
Lots of Extras
WPS presentation offers more than 230 fonts formats, built-in slide styles, dozens of ready-made templates and WordArt text effects etc.
Extended Desktop Support
Either connected to a projector or TV monitor, WPS presentation supports extended desktop, so the presenter can see a note, look at the next slide preview and easily follow the presentation time.
View multiple files
With WPS presentation Tabbed View feature, the presenter can open, modify and arrange multiple documents at the same time.

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LibreOffice Impress 

In Impress, You can create and modify slides is very accomplished. Impress is an online office tool for creating professional multimedia PowerPoint presentations. Your presentations can be improved with special effects2D and 3D clip arts and transition styles, animations, and high-level drawing tools.

Key Features of LibreOffice Impress

Impress compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint files
 You can freely import and modify PPT and PPTX files. Also, you can save your document files as PowerPoint format
Formatting Tools
LibreOffice Impress offers different formatting tools to design impressive presentations. That consist of everything from font styles, font sizes, and colors, shapes.
LibreOffice Impress gives a wide range of presentations template package. Save templates from Impress Templates repository.
Easier Diagramming and Drawing Tools
A full range to animate your presentation. Place your best drawing tools are available on your screen waiting for single-click access.
A wide range of Views modes
  • Normal: for general editing.
  • Outline: To manage and define your text content.
  • Handout: To create paper-based materials.
  • Outline: To manage and set your text content.
  • Notes: To view and modify a slide-related note.
  • Slide Sorter: To find and order your slide for a thumbnail sheet.

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iCloud-Keynote Effective Presentations For everyone.

Keynote makes it easy to create beautiful and remarkable presentations with its robust tools and Exquisite effects. On your iPad, you can also use Apple Pencil to design illustrations or diagrams on your iPad that make your slides to life. Your team can work together with you with real‑time collaboration, either they are on PC, iPad, Mac or using an iPhone.

Key Features of iCloud-Keynote

Presentations are as shining as your concepts.
From the start, Keynote determines the stage for a great presentation. Intuitive, Clean interface keeps essential tools in front and center, so your team can merely add useful charts, add cinematic effects and edit photos.
Cooperate with anybody, everywhere.
Work in the same presentation from the city or the world. You can see your team's edits as they make them - and they can see you make yours too. Just select a name of the partner in partner-list to jump on the cursor of any person.
Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
Keynote supports both PPT and PPTX files. Now you can import and edit PowerPoint files. You can correctly save the Keynote file as PowerPoint, and be able to open them without any problems without knowing others.

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Google Slides

Google Slides is a classic presentation application. It operates like Power-Point and other presentation software you have used. In your browser, only Google Slides may run for free. You can access, create, and edit your presentations anywhere, anytime from your computer or phone even when there is no connection. Also, you can choose a wide variety of pitches, portfolios and other pre-made presentations.

Key Features of Google Slides

Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
Import, modify and save Microsoft PPT or PPTX files with the Chrome extension. You can convert Microsoft PowerPoint file to Google slide and
Offers a variety of Themes on start
You can improve your presentation with a variety of themes, hundreds of font’s formats, embedded video, and animations for free.
Use speaker notes
You can add talking points in Google Slides speaker note section for reference. You want minimum text on your slide. Using the graphics on the slides is more attractive and puts the attention of people on the words you are saying.
Work more with sharing
With Google, slide share a link with your classmates, friend, co-worker, and anyone you want. They can write presentation notes, add more details to your slides, and anything more you need in your presentation. They can write a comment as in Google Docs also share feedback. It is one of the helpful ideas to collaborate on a presentation.

Get start with Template 
  1. First For the slideshow Select a theme
  2. Add slide layouts 
  3. From the menus Insert graphics, text and slide transitions 
  4. For an easy way to polish your presentation, The Explore sidebar suggest designs that fit the content of your slide
  5. Then you can present from Google Slides', browser or any mobile application.

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Prezi is an interactive, cloud-based presentation software tool that helps you connect with your audience more powerful. It is a zoom and pan tool that means it enables you to create a multi-item offer that your audience meets the default route or whatever in any order Preferred too.
In this way, Prezi is like a concept map, but it can be a massive canvas on which it appears: Accordingly, the audience walks around the different parts of the map (i.e. "pan") And look at specific parts of the map in a large format in the zoom.
The power of the Prezi is that it enables you to present ideas, facts, photos, etc. in a "native" form, which can significantly highlight the relationship between system members.
However, unlike a traditional perspective map, zooming out is also available outside the scenario: that is, views the system entirely and then see specific members of the system.

Key Features of Prezi

Prezi is compatible with all modern presentation tools. But not compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint files.
Formatting Tools
Prezi offers different formatting tools to design beautiful presentations. That consist of font styles, font sizes, and colours, shapes.

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