Microsoft Windows has no built-in protected folder to keep your files, folders, and other sensitive data. Software for folder lock is essential to encrypt, or password protected your data from the co-worker, children, and others. If you want to keep your data secure and safe, you should use the software that we discuss below:

Software for folder lock

Folder Lock

Folder lock is flexible and excellent security software than other locking folders that protects your entire drives, folders, and files with a password. It hides, lock, and encrypts your sensitive data on your computer or Laptop. It also encodes email attachment, securely backup your data. Data can be protected on CD, DVDs and USB drives.
Folder lock integrated with Microsoft Explorer. You can make a Virtual encrypted Wallet for the credit card number, business card, and other personal information to protect from Virus, worms, spyware, Trojan even from hackers and network PCs. You can allow Security of password and restrict the access to various sections of software through the Admin-level Master password.

Software for folder lock

Key Features of Folder Lock

  • Lock drives, Folder, and Files.
  • Automatic and real-time backup your files to a secure cloud.
  • Folder lock Gives the security for your USB, CDs, and DVDs.
  • It is an Anti-Hack Solution.
  • Make Wallets for credit card and other sensitive information.
  • Shred files and empty hard-drive capacity.
  • It may also clear History.
  • Stealth Mode Feature gives military grade 256-bit AES that encrypt your data on-the-fly encryption.

When you Run Folder Lock for the first time, it will ask for a Password that's called Master password. This password will be used for all drives, folder, and files that you have select to lock. Then, you can arrange the data that you want to keep protected. All the data will be directly locked, and they are hidden. Now, nobody can enter that data except those who have a Master Password.
It offers 30 Days free trial. It is not free like My Lockbox.

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